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You’ve heard about Male UltraCore and how it’s supposed to massively change your sex life, but here’s one thing they don’t tell you – there are dozens or even HUNDREDS of products out there that contain one or two of the ingredients that Male UltraCore has. If Male UltraCore is really that effective, shouldn’t those products be effective too? What makes Male UltraCore so special that it’s the only product that can deliver such mind-blowing results? That’s what we are going to answer in our IN-DEPTH Male UltraCore Review and Analysis.

Male UltraCore Pills Box and Bottle

I - Introduction

Male UltraCore is the latest male enhancement product that promises to enhance your sex life in ways you never thought was possible. With an impressive ingredient list and technologies developed exclusively for the product, Male UltraCore definitely has the makings of an up-and-coming industry shaker – a product that has everything consumers want and offered at a reasonable price range.

Male UltraCore certainly isn’t the first male enhancement supplement that claimed to have the best formula. In my experience as a supplement critic, I probably encounter one or two of these products every single day. The only difference Male UltraCore has is its proof and effectiveness of its results. Compared to roughly 98% of the male enhancement products available, only Male UltraCore has the studies and tests to conclusively prove that Male UltraCore works. However, just like any other critic, we approach such claims with skepticism. The only real way to prove if a product really works is to do an in-depth analysis and test the product for ourselves.

Our objective in this review is to learn more about Male UltraCore – how it works, the ingredients, and how it compares against the best brands in the industry. Most importantly, we’ll answer the most important question of all – Does Male UltraCore work? Stick around and you’ll get to know something about Male UltraCore that only a few people know.

II - Male UltraCore First Impressions

We first heard about Male UltraCore in a male enhancement forum that we go to. There was already a significant amount of discussion about Male UltraCore then, and most of the comments we’ve seen from people who have already started using the product made us even more interested about trying Male UltraCore.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover about Male UltraCore in your first 5 minutes of research:

  • Male UltraCore is NOT a penis enlargement pill
  • Male UltraCore focuses on sexual performance
  • Male UltraCore is a bit more expensive than other pills
  • Male UltraCore is a daily supplement

For some, it may be off-putting, but Male UltraCore is NOT a formula intended for penis enlargement. Some may think that this makes Male UltraCore less effective than other formulas, but for us, this only made Male UltraCore more credible than any other supplement we’ve reviewed.

Do Penis Pills Work Do PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS really work?

WE KNOW FOR A FACT that penis enlargement is a myth, and it’s only appropriate for Male UltraCore to claim that it doesn’t increase penis size. Rather, Male UltraCore claims to increase ERECTION SIZE, which is an entirely different benefit. You can’t increase the mass of your penile muscles with supplements. Your penis stops growing when you finish puberty, and it’s not likely to increase in size after that. Want something that really works? We found the ONLY solution that increases ERECTION SIZE. Click the button below to know how to increase your erection size


It can be a major letdown for customers to know that Male UltraCore doesn’t increase penis size, but based on what we already know about penis enlargement, it’s likely that Male UltraCore only sticks to what the science presents – penis enlargement is not possible, but increasing erection size is possible. Any man can tell that their erection size is not always the same. Erections get bigger when you’re extra horny, and even if it’s just a slight increase, you’ll feel the difference.

We also learned that Male UltraCore extensively discusses increasing erection size as opposed to penis enlargement. No product we’ve reviewed can actually increase the mass of the penis, but by having the technology to increase blood flow and libido, Male UltraCore is likely to be the only supplement that can increase erection size significantly.

III - How Male UltraCore works

Male UltraCore’s technology is as complex as anyone would expect. For starters, it uses two different technologies that were developed exclusively for Male UltraCore. These technologies are said to be developed from the ground up by Male UltraCore’s team of sexual health experts to create the first formula that increases erection size and sustains high levels of testosterone to improve sexual performance.

Here’s what we know about increasing erection size - Erections are dependent on two major factors – blood flow and libido. Many formulas have attempted to capitalize on increasing erection size and claim that their product increases penis size, but so far, none of the products we’ve reviewed were able to produce real results.

Male UltraCore’s formula may be on to something. We reviewed the technologies used by Male UltraCore and here’s what we found out:


The first half of the technology used by Male UltraCore is called VI-PEX technology, or Vasodilator Ingredients for Penile Expansion. As the name implies, Male UltraCore’s VI-PEX technology harnesses vasodilator ingredients to maximize penile expansion. The concept is this – by boosting blood flow to the penis, the cavernous spaces get engorged with blood, which in turn increases erection size. Realistically speaking, that alone can increase erection size by a small margin. Since VI-PEX increases blood flow, it’s reasonable to assume that it also eliminates erectile dysfunction caused by blockages and narrowing of blood vessels – the cause of roughly 55-70% of all erectile dysfunction cases.

STEM Technology

To further boost the effect of VI-PEX, Male UltraCore combines it with STEM, the technology that is intended to boost testosterone production and retention. STEM stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method.

As we all know, testosterone is the ultimate hormone that influences your sexual performance. It increases your libido, maximizes your stamina, and it also has a huge influence on your erection size. Since testosterone is naturally metabolized into other hormones, it’s a challenge for the body to sustain high levels of testosterone that would produce heightened androgenic benefits such as increased sex drive and erection size.

STEM technology works in two stages. First, the testosterone-boosting ingredients maximize testosterone production. Male UltraCore also contains ingredients that replenish Zinc, a key mineral for testosterone production. As testosterone production is increased, Male UltraCore further increases testosterone levels by inhibiting the enzymes that metabolize testosterone such as the aromatase enzyme and the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. This creates a chain reaction that ultimately builds up free testosterone, which gives Male UltraCore users the ultimate boost in sex drive and erection size.

IV. Male UltraCore vs Other Male Enhancement Pills

We’ve discussed previously that other male enhancement pills are only limited to aphrodisiacs and/or blood flow boosters. While some male enhancement pills appear to work for a short while, it cannot sustain its effects, which lead the effects to die out quickly – some even wear off before you have sex. The key that makes Male UltraCore successful is the technology that allows it to remain effective for an extended period of time.

Why other male enhancement supplements failed and Male UltraCore succeeded

Male enhancement supplement brands tend to overload their formulas with aphrodisiacs that may help libido. The huge problem testosterone-boosting aphrodisiacs are maintaining testosterone at optimum levels. Testosterone is naturally metabolized into other hormones such as DHT and Estrogen. Once metabolized, testosterone loses its androgenic benefits to the body, which includes sex drive. Although other supplement brands can increase testosterone, no product is able to sustain testosterone to such levels that it continuously fuels sex drive and your erection size. Male UltraCore is able to sustain testosterone and blood flow, through the STEM and VI-PEX technologies. The industry hasn’t seen anything quite like Male UltraCore, and it’s highly possible that the results we’ll get with Male UltraCore aren’t something that any other product can provide.

V - Trying out Male UltraCore

I’ve tried plenty of male enhancement supplements, and I’ve yet to try anything that beats the benefits of Male UltraCore. Most pills I’ve tried will take you on a roller coaster of libido highs and quickly drags your sex drive down to crash.

My first day with Male UltraCore was pretty much uneventful. I took the pill in the morning, just like what they recommended, but I didn’t feel anything strange or overpowering. I didn’t get to have sex that day, so I wasn’t able to test my performance out. It probably took two weeks (that long?) before I had sex again. I wasn’t sure if it was the pill or it was my dry spell that really made sex amazing. Picture this - the girl who I had sex with was a squirter, and by the time we’re done having sex, we had trouble looking for dry spots in the bed to sleep on. It was that intense.

I continued taking Male UltraCore. I was having sex regularly now. Dating apps make meeting women easier, and I probably didn’t notice at the time, but I was growing more confident by the day. A few months back, I wouldn’t even dare pick up a stranger, now I was getting a new girl in my bed almost every other night. Was that the effect of Male UltraCore?

To be honest, I can’t tell at the time if I was just excited to try out my newfound sexual abilities, but it definitely helped my confidence to know I can make a woman orgasm like the way they did. I was excited, hungry for more – and I loved it. Best of all, my erections are always rock-solid, and it always felt like my penis was red with anger and full of energy.

I was faced with a huge dilemma. Should I stop taking Male UltraCore just to see if it’s the reason why I’m so good at sex? I opted not to stop taking Male UltraCore. I was having the time of my life, and it just seemed stupid for me to let that moment end just because I had to know if this stuff works.

I definitely knew Male UltraCore had a huge part in making that change in my life possible. It’s not just the huge erections, my libido, or my sexual pleasure. It was the entire experience that boosted my sexual performance, and also my confidence. I didn’t think a pill could do so much that it will boost my confidence, but Male UltraCore did.


Male UltraCore certainly isn’t your typical male enhancement supplement. I did an extensive research on Male UltraCore’s ingredients, and what I’ve found only made it even more impressive. Check it out:

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, or Longjack, is my favorite male enhancement ingredient. Every pill I’ve used had to have Tongkat Ali. I read about Tongkat Ali extensively during my other reviews, and I learned that Tongkat Ali can enhance a man’s libido and stamina. It also has PDE-5 inhibitor properties that even make it easier to get an erection.


Fenugreek is currently one of the most sought-after male enhancement ingredients today. It is a natural aphrodisiac that helps to sustain high levels of testosterone. It works by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme that metabolizes testosterone into estrogen. Not only does fenugreek help in retaining testosterone, but it also reduces estrogen, which greatly affects the libido and stamina of the user. Aside from being an effective ingredient to boost testosterone, Fenugreek is also FDA-compliant, which definitely helps to reduce the risk of side effects.


KSM-66 is a standardized version of Ashwagandha, the central herb in Ayurveda. For centuries, people have used Ashwagandha to cure a multitude of illnesses, including pain and impotence. Based on what I found about KSM-66, it is actually a separate product that is being used under license for Male UltraCore. KSM-66 isn’t popular on this side of the world, but in Asia and the Middle East, KSM-66 is one of the most sought-after supplements. Ashwagandha also has cognitive-boosting properties which can heighten the pleasure you experience during sex.


ZMA, or Zinc Magnesium Aspartate, is another product used under license to be used in Male UltraCore. Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate are two minerals that are key to testosterone production and maintenance. You’ll probably notice that every male enhancement supplement today contains Zinc, Magnesium, or both. ZMA basically standardizes the combination and makes it even more effective.

Proprietary Blend

  • L-Arginine
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Maca Root
  • Muira Puama
  • Epimedium
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
  • Damiana Root
  • Butea Superba

Male UltraCore’s proprietary blend is quite the powerhouse. Even with just the ingredients in its proprietary blend, Male UltraCore would already be effective. In my opinion, it has the right blend of vasodilators, PDE-5 inhibitors, testosterone boosters, and hormone-stabilizing agents. Even better - Male UltraCore contains 1600mg of their proprietary blend per serving. If that won’t work, I’m not sure what will!


Like we mentioned in the first part of this review, many other supplements have one or two of the ingredients in Male UltraCore. With this in-depth review, we learned that the effectiveness of one or two ingredients would not compare to what Male UltraCore offers since the effectiveness of the formula stems from the ingredient combination as a whole. If you ask me, I haven’t seen any male enhancement supplement that features at least 4 different products in just one formula. That probably has a lot to do with why Male UltraCore is more effective than your typical male enhancement supplement.

To know more about the ingredients and the science of Male UltraCore, click the button below



As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions about the products I review. Here are the answers to the most common questions that I get from my readers:

Where did you buy Male UltraCore?

I purchased Male UltraCore from the website,

How long did it take before you received your order?

I got mine in just 4 days. I ordered on a Monday, and it was delivered to my doorstep on a Friday. Male UltraCore says shipping takes around 3-8 business days, so don’t count weekends when expecting a delivery.

Is Male UltraCore effective?

Absolutely. I haven’t had a supplement as strong as this before. I’d definitely recommend Male UltraCore.

What are your impressions of Male UltraCore?

A very potent pill. Slightly more expensive than other male enhancement pills, but totally worth it since it gives better value for money.

Does Male UltraCore ship overseas?

My guess would be yes, but just to be sure, you can reach them here.

VIII - The BEST Loyalty Program – Premier Loyalty Pricing

Male UltraCore BEST Loyalty Program

Male UltraCore focuses all of its efforts on providing men with the best men’s health supplements. Your health is our priority. That’s why our products are focused on giving more value to our customers. We offer exclusive discounts, bonuses, and perks to loyal customers who are committed to improving their health and sexual performance.

All customers who have finished the initial 3-month period of taking Male UltraCore will receive an automatic 50% discount starting from their fourth month. This means that if you have the Silver package that is normally priced at $79.95, you would only pay $39.95 every month starting from your fourth month! Even better, you also have the option to upgrade to higher-tier packages such as Gold and Platinum, which comes inclusive of Ultra Boost and Extreme Testosterone, and only pay $49.95 for Gold and $59.95 for Platinum! Upgrading your supplement package ensures that you get the best results from Male UltraCore and even take your performance to the next level!

As an added bonus, every customer will get a FREE Club UltraCore supplement starting from their second month! By simply ensuring that you get Male UltraCore shipped to you for the second month, you already get a FREE supplement with your monthly supply of Male UltraCore.

To be eligible for all these perks and bonuses, all you have to do is ensure that you have an active billing method on file to allow us to send you your monthly Male UltraCore supply. Simply maintain your monthly supply, and you get all these perks and benefits!

IX - Conclusion

Male UltraCore gave me my best male enhancement experience yet. I’ve had some male enhancement pills before that I thought were good, but nothing was quite at the level of Male UltraCore. As a supplement critic, I’m sure others would also have that impression about Male UltraCore. Male UltraCore is slightly more expensive than other pills, but at its price point, you still get better value for money since it gives a lot more than what other pills offer. Is it the best male enhancement pill? Maybe. Unless we try every pill out there, we really couldn’t tell. But at this point, it would be very, very hard to top Male UltraCore.

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